Windriver dcc empty json

Hello, i’m a collegue of Marc, i’m trying to use build-wrapper on windows but it don’t works, same compiler dcc as him.
In the winidea IDE for Windows i tryed to put at many place the command “C:\Projets\Tools\build-wrapper-win-x86\build-wrapper-win-x86-64 --out-dir build_wrapper_output_directory”, before the build.bat call, and before the ddc.exe call, and in the part of IDE to do before make or before build (project->project settings-> customize -> run before/after).

With dcc it generated error of compilation.
Before my custom build empty.json is made. But my sonar scanner don’t want an empty file.
I’m using a default makefile (I don’t know witch one) so I don’t know where to put before the make command.
So where to put the build wrap command to worked? Is there an other method? I see other gcc but too many change to do and I d’ont know if it will worked, may a .bat to create? Or can we generate a .json by an other way?

Thank You,


Hi @tm_33,

I moved your post to a new topic. As explained in Windriver diabdata supported? dcc is not supported: CPP-2314.

As explained in that topic it may work on windows even if not officially supported. I would recommend you to wrap the build from command line, it must be a clean build.

Thank you, I’m trying to rebuild on eclipse with Mingw.
including a lot of include, adding all defined value.

It still some error like a missing declaration assembler.

Error: no such instruction: `wrteei 1’
It is the instruction for enable disable IT but I don’t find from where to find it in .s or asm. In witch file is declared this instruction.

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