Windows-1250 encoding is not detected

Problem is very similiar to this issue or it persist in vsts extentsion

(File version

2019-04-08T14:28:03.2371027Z Task : Run Code Analysis
2019-04-08T14:28:03.2371027Z Description : Run scanner and upload the results to the SonarQube server.
2019-04-08T14:28:03.2371027Z Version : 4.6.0
2019-04-08T14:28:03.2371027Z Author : sonarsource

WARN: Encoding detected by Roslyn and encoding used by SonarQube do not match for file ****.cs. SonarQube encoding is ‘UTF-8’, Roslyn encoding is ‘windows-1250’. File will be skipped.

Problem cuase lines with central european diacritic. “Deň poskytnutia mal nastať neskôr ako v deň”

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