Will Bitbucket repo connect with a SonarCloud project bind with the Bitbucket account or anonymously?


Will Bitbucket repo connect with a SonarCloud project, it will use the current user to bind with the Bitbucket account, will this binding named or anonymously? If the Bitbucket user account that bind with the SoanrCloud project deactivated, will it affect the integration between Bitbucket repo and SonarCloud project?

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The binding is anonymous.
SonarCloud uses the Bitbucket app to interact with BitBucket. So as long as the app is installed on your bitbucket repos, the binding will work.

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In the other word, if user A of Bitbucket binds a repo to SonarCloud project, even if his account is deactivated or removed from the Bitbucket instance, it doesn’t affect the binding between this Bb repo and SonarCloud project, it will still function. And also the binding is anonymous. Am I correct?

Yes, you’re correct.

Great, thanks