Why this exception has a ERROR severity?

I’m curious why this issue has an ERROR severity:

ERROR: Error during parsing of generic test execution report '.....est-report.xml'. Look at the SonarQube documentation to know the expected XML format.
ERROR: Caused by: Line 3 of report refers to a file which is not configured as a test file: /...../....test.tsx

IMHO, it should be WARNING and shouldn’t mark scan as fault.
For instance, I had stable build and some test developer added a new test with a filename not compliant to sonar.test.inclusions. Actually nothing is broken, but Sonar scan failed.

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Thanks @vitalykarasik, good point, makes sense. Sorry for the late reply!
I created a ticket to track this issue: SCCOMM-17

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Hi @vitalykarasik, we are looking into this issue now, and we’re not able to reproduce it.

Can you please share the complete scanner command you use when it happens? (with all the sonar.* properties.)

I suspect I cannot provide more details now - we had this issue with one of our CI jobs in December, but we don’t keep jobs logs so long.

Thanks anyway! We were able to reproduce, and rolled out a fix.

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