Why newcode is shown for bugs without enabling SCM blame information

Hi Sonar Experts,

We are using SonarQube version - 6.7.4 and we were not getting the coverage under new code, so followed below links and as suggested by ANN came to a conclusion that new-code will be available only after enabling SCM blame information because SonarQube relies on blame data from SCM repository for new code. We have enabled SCM blame (our source code is in SVN) and we started getting coverage under new-code.

Now my doubt is in the below links as ANN suggested that if SCM blame is not enabled nothing is recorded under new-code like - bugs, duplication’s, coverage and technical debt etc. However, apart from Coverage I’m able to see bugs and other things as shown in the attached image without enabling the SCM blame information. Could you please explain this behavior?




Thanks and Regards,

Hi Sharieff,

That Google Groups link has some age on it. Things have changed since then. The docs should help. Let us know if you have further questions.


Hi Ann,

Okay, Thanks, I will check it.