Why is the normal JIRA not usable to report issues?

I signed up for https://jira.sonarsource.com/projects/SLI/issues/SLI-454?filter=allopenissues
but cannot created issues.
The “issues” link points me to some hugely outdated and closed google group which it says I have to register… which in turn links here…
Why not just allow signed up users to create issues in JIRA?

We’d really prefer the opportunity to discuss an issue first before raising a ticket (basically, triaging issues before they wind up in the backlog). This community forum is the right place to initially report issues.

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Where did you find this “issues” link? The old Google Group has indeed been replaced with this forum as the (theoretically) single point of entry for user feedback. As @Colin_SonarSource mentioned, we monitor this forum and use it to triage issues, manage duplicates and keep a backlog as clean as possible in JIRA.

project summary:

I do get it, but making it too complicated to report issues (and this forum is not findable eg from the plugin homepage) causes issues to not be reported at all…

  • I only got here via the google forum link for instance…

Thank you for your feedback! [EDIT] I updated the project’s home page on JIRA not to mention the Google Group anymore :+1:

The community forum is already mentioned at 2 places on the project’s page, are there other places where you would expect it to be mentioned and where it would be more visible?

thanks, cool!

the thing is, when I want to report a bug I am not looking for forums. I cannot know beforehand that bugs should be reported in the forum rather than the issue tracker (which is mentioned on the webpage, but read-only).

So maybe a link “Report an issue” that goes to the forum? and mention that the issue tracker is read-only.