Why is SonarCloud limited to 4 platforms for login?

This seems to be one of the dumbest decisions I’ve seen… its quite presumptuous and overly opinionated on people’s workflows.

It stopped me in my tracks from signing up as I don’t have business accounts in any of those services, and don’t feel like creating one just to sign up.

Ironically, its pushed me to look at Codacy, which uses Sonar’s open source scanner under the hood… so you’ve gotten me to pay for a competitors product which uses your code for which I was originally trying to pay you to use, great job…

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Authentication outside of these DevOps platforms is on our roadmap – particularly as we look at more enterprise-level features going into 2024. However, today, using SonarCloud requires having an account with one of these DevOps Platforms (all features are tightly linked to the DevOps platform, the least of which is having the repositories hosted there).

You might be interested in trying out SonarQube (self-hosted), which isn’t as opinionated about this.