Why is it analyzing dot and internal directories?

SonarCloud with local

In the debug log I see tons of:

  1. DEBUG: file=/some/path/.git/objects/.probe-9ccc3aa6-eea5-7a64-994e-9b5b14b19829, create new FileSnapshot: lastRead=2024-01-05 22:58:43.008799615, lastModified=2024-01-05 22:58:43.007882189, size=1, fileKey=(dev=902,ino=11668421)

Do I need to explicitly add .git to the exclusions?

  1. DEBUG: Found package.json: /some/path/.scannerwork/.sonartmp/bridge-bundle/package/node_modules/typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin/node_modules/lru-cache/package.json

Why is it looking for package.json inside the temp directory it creates itself? Do I explicitly ignore the .scannerwork folder with sonar.exclusions?

Hey there.

These are all DEBUG logs related to collecting blame data (.git) and the actual analysis of the code (there is temp data stored at .scannerwork).

Are you facing some other problem that led you into the DEBUG logs? Performance, analysis scopeā€¦ Or did you just land on these logs by curiousity?