Why am I getting EXECUTION FAILURE when I run using Github Actions

Using the latest Github Action for Sonar Scanner (GitHub - SonarSource/sonarcloud-github-action: Integrate SonarCloud code analysis to GitHub Actions) and when I run I get…

16:02:05.354 DEBUG: 'README.md' indexed with language 'null'

16:02:05.373 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------


16:02:05.375 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------

16:02:05.375 INFO: Total time: 50.061s

16:02:05.452 INFO: Final Memory: 8M/30M

16:02:05.452 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------

There is no additional error information (no stack trace)

I tried adding -X like…

          args: >

Looks like the problem was the project was originally created using the Github App and now I was using the Github Action. I created a new project from scratch and pointed the action to that one and it worked. I am seeing an issue with the Quality gate now showing up now…

“Ask your admin to set New Code Definition to get one”

But I can’t find anything in the docs.


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Hi @joseGleeson ,
I found this page in the doc. Please come back to me if anything is not clear in the article :wink: