Where is the provider option after navigating to Pull requests area

I am trying to create a pull request after navigating to administration page and general settings , however I am not finding the option called provider , please help and Please find following screenshot.

Hey there.

A Pull Request is created on SonarCloud as the result of an action somewhere else (an analysis triggered as part of a build pipeline, or Automatic Analysis for repositories hosted on GitHub.com).

How are you running SonarCloud analysis today? Have you run your first analysis of your main branch?

Hi Colin,

I am going to run it first time, however in order to run I should see provider name right?
I am at exercise 3 in the below blog. Driving continuous quality of your code with SonarCloud | Azure DevOps Hands-on-Labs (azuredevopslabs.com)

Please suggest further.

Hi Collin,

Did u get a chance to look my previous thread?