When I call API with POSTMAN , why response 401?

I used postman to call the API https://sonarcloud.io/api/measures/component?component=495b43c1-d849-4e7e-a6c0-b746a9ea3d99&metricKeys=coverage%2Cfunctions%2Ccomplexity, and I used base auth
my token is 6dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxd0, and encode base64,
get NmQ3M2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFkMDo=,
use this encode token set to Username field, and Password set null, and send request, I got 401, so why ?


This appears to be an almost exact duplicate of a thread you created ~3h before this one. Re-asking the same question in a new thread will not get you better or faster answers.

I’m closing this thread as a duplicate.