What's the difference between sonar.links.scm and sonar.links.scm_dev?

Hello SonarSource community,

I would like to understand the difference between the two link properties:

  • sonar.links.scm
  • sonar.links.scm_dev

The documentation does not give much input except for:

  • sonar.links.scm = Project source repository.
  • sonar.links.scm_dev = Developer connection.

Unfortunately I have no idea what the term developer connection stands for.

Can you please share your thoughts?

Thanks a lot!


You can ignore sonar.links.scm_dev, just use sonar.links.scm:

I think it was inherited from Maven definitions:

connection , developerConnection : The two connection elements convey to how one is to connect to the version control system through Maven. Where connection requires read access for Maven to be able to find the source code (for example, an update), developerConnection requires a connection that will give write access.


Thanks for the clarification!

Hi @ganncamp,
Will the documentation be updated accordingly by moving sonar.links.scm_dev to the deprecated section?

Uhmm… Why yes. Yes, of course it will be! :smile:

Thanks for the nudge. This will appear in the docs at the next release.


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