What is the maximum concurrency supported by SonarQube Data Center Edition?

SonarQube Data Center Edition can support hundreds of concurrent users. The specific maximum concurrency depends on your hardware configuration and the version of SonarQube you are using. To achieve optimal performance, it is recommended to use high-performance hardware and load balancers to distribute the load. In addition, you can increase the number of servers through horizontal scaling to support more concurrent users.

Is the statement above correct? Please provide more context or specify which statement you are referring to.


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Yes, the statement is correct.


Thank you for your response.

Does the maximum concurrency depend on the App Node, and is the maximum data for App Node 10, so the maximum concurrency is 100?


If you “concurrency” you mean the number of simultaneous user requests, yes those - and analysis-related requests - are served by the app nodes.

Strictly speaking, it’s probably 100 x the number of cores per machine? That said, you can generally, easily serve thousands of simultaneous users with far fewer than 100 nodes. And if you point 100 nodes at your database, I doubt SonarQube itself would be the bottleneck.

If you’re truly considering Data Center Edition, I urge you to contact our Sales department, which can put you in touch with Sales Engineering to give precise answers about your specific context.