What is the "key" means in SonarQube CNES report

When I generate the CNES report for my SonarQube project (exel file) I get a key in the “all” tab of the report.
something like this → “AYKGKVqRknsgv2StSWdk”
Actually what is this key? This is different form taskid and analysis id.
I guess this is a key linked to the issues. So what I want to do is generate the report and then match the issues which are caused to failing the quality gate and take the other information related to that issues.
In that case, can I get this key of the issues which caused to fail the quality gate from an API call and then I will be able to match that keys with the keys which are in the CNES report. And then I will be able to get the other issue information from the report.


I’m not sure the CNES maintainers monitor this community for questions. You’ll do better creating an issue on that project.