What are the possible values of "status" from /api/ce/task?

I’m using SonarQube 7.9.2.

I have some automation that calls the /api/ce/task WebApi endpoint. It needs to check the “status” property. In my initial testing, I found that a value of “IN_PROGRESS” means that the task isn’t complete yet. As the doc doesn’t SAY what the possible values are, I guessed that this is the value that means the task isn’t done yet. Today I saw that this code wasn’t working properly in some cases, and that was because instead of “IN_PROGRESS”, I was getting “PENDING”.

In general, I would say that in the WebApi docs, giving “response examples” often falls short of properly documenting an API. Can someone tell me what the actual possible values are for this property, and their meanings?

Hi, here are the values :slight_smile: