What are the mandatory parameters for pull request analysis (GitHub)

We have set up pull request analysis with GitHub.
I am wondering what are the mandatory parameters?

In the docs (here) the following parameters are mentioned:

sonar.pullrequest.key Unique identifier of your PR. Must correspond to the key of the PR in GitHub or TFS.
E.G.: sonar.pullrequest.key=5
sonar.pullrequest.branch The name of the branch that contains the changes to be merged.
Ex: sonar.pullrequest.branch=feature/my-new-feature
sonar.pullrequest.base The long-lived branch into which the PR will be merged.
Default: master
E.G.: sonar.pullrequest.base=master

Are all of these mandatory?

TeamCity already gives me the name of the branch it’s running on, so this is not an issue, but the other 2 are harder to obtain - how can i set up my automated CI process to get those parameters (PR key and base branch?)

HI @liortal53,

You have the correct list of required parameters – and yes, they’re all mandatory. How you get them is more a TeamCity question than a SonarQube question. This page and particularly this section might help as a starting point.