What are the differences between integrating SonarQube with Jenkins or TFS?


(Nico Flores) #1

I want to know the pros or cons between jenkins and TFS to integrate it with SonarQube

(Sven Myrin) #2

Someone else should answer about Jenkins. I can at least share our experience with TFS integration.

We are currently integrating SQ with TFS and everything has been mostly good. Love the way it integrates with the build summary:


We get a quick summary and link to the report in the summary page. Getting the vNext SonarQube tasks installed from the marketplace was easy and set up a breeze. We have had only one issue with the tfvc plugin. It seems that we had to recompile the jar file in order to upgrade from 6.x to latest version and that proved difficult. In the end, we got it working but lost some report detail.

With the previous plug-in we would see the developer name/changeset associated to an issue:

Clicking the name exposed the changeset:

After the update, we lost the developer name and only see the ellipsis. You can click that for the changeset details. Seeing the developer name was better.

We had been hung up on getting the plugin working for a month and we are wondering if TFS support for the future will be available. Could be we did something wrong but in the end, it was complicated. Overall, I am still happy with our integration. Hope that helps.