Weird ERROR: Caused by: svn: E175002: Connection reset

Hi all, I’m experiencing an issue in which I have no idea how to move forward. I have setup several sonarqube scan jobs in Jenkins and most of them run fine, except for a few which gives me this error during the scm blame scanning phase:

10:43:06.499 INFO: SCM provider for this project is: svn
10:43:06.499 INFO: 8458 files to be analyzed
10:43:16.499 INFO: 3/8458 files analyzed
10:43:26.499 INFO: 29/8458 files analyzed
10:43:36.499 INFO: 36/8458 files analyzed
10:43:41.235 INFO: 36/8458 files analyzed
10:43:41.345 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
10:43:41.345 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
10:43:41.345 INFO: Total time: 1:00:38.956s
10:43:41.485 INFO: Final Memory: 30M/1946M
10:43:41.485 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
10:43:41.485 ERROR: Error during SonarQube Scanner execution
10:43:41.485 ERROR: Error when executing blame for file foo/foo/
10:43:41.485 ERROR: Caused by: svn: E175002: Connection reset
svn: E175002: REPORT request failed on 'svn/foo/foo/'
10:43:41.485 ERROR: Caused by: Connection reset
10:43:41.485 ERROR: 
10:43:41.485 ERROR: Re-run SonarQube Scanner using the -X switch to enable full debug logging.
WARN: Unable to locate 'report-task.txt' in the workspace. Did the SonarScanner succedeed?
ERROR: SonarQube scanner exited with non-zero code: 1
Finished: FAILURE

I have run this job several times and oddly the scan will always cut off around the 35th to 40th file. It’s not always the same file every time. I’m confused as to why this only happens for these few particular jobs, and why other jobs run fine.

which versions are you using (SonarQube, Scanner, Plugin, and any relevant extension)
I am using the below tools:

  • Sonarqube server - Version 6.7.6 (build 38781) Community Edition
  • Sonarqube svn plugins - Svn (scmsvn)
  • Svn Server - Version 1.6.6 (r40053)
  • Jenkins- version 2.150.1

what are you trying to achieve
I’m trying to allow this scm scanning phase to pass and have a successful scan.

what have you tried so far to achieve this

  • Restarting Jenkins Server
  • Restarting Sonarqube Server
  • Restarting SVN Server
  • In jenkins job configuration> sonarqube analysis properties, setting sonar.scm.username and sonar.scm.password
  • Deleting the job as well as workspace and recreating a new job.

Would really appreciate any guidance in troubleshooting this issue. I’m guessing it’s an svn server issue but I need a great justification to be granted access into it, which is something I hope to get here if it’s relevant. Thanks.


I have no specific SVN insight, but wanted to point out that you can disable blame data collection at the project level (Administration > General Settings > SCM) to complete analysis.

Good luck,