Weekly Memory alerts for SQL Server 2019

Since migrating Sonarqube to a new virtual server, upgrading to version 9.X and SQL server 2019, we are receiving memory alerts about once a week. I don’t yet know the process causing the spiking, but we are going to try and determine which Sonarqube application or process is causing the spikes. In the meantime, wondering who else might have run into this.

We’ve asked our Nagios folks to adjust the alerts, but they are fighting us on this.

Looking to see if others have had this experience, or any suggestions from T/S…


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You’re getting alerts from your database or from the server hosting SonarQube?



Nagios is reading the Events logs most likely and seeing that Windows memory use is at 95%. Now SQL Server will use use 95% if allocated (which we have). However, it is readily apparent that some SQ processes are using all that memory as well… thus why I asked if others have seen this.


I haven’t seen anyone else talking about this that I remember.

Could you check your server logs and background tasks (Administration → Projects → Background Tasks) and see what’s happening when the memory alerts are generated?


It’s really pretty simple. SQL Server is using 95% + of the Server memory. Since that is how much is allocated, it’s using all of that. The only app using that SQL instance is SonarQube…

FYI Ann, not looking for a solution, just being proactive and seeing if others have that experience for reference…


Okay, I get that.

And at the same time, when I see a spike like this I want to get ahead of a potential problem.


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