Web context will cause 401 error

  • versions: SonarQube 7.8
  • steps to reproduce
    – Install sonarqube 7.8 with zip file.
    – Modify sonar.propertiest, add sonar.web.context=/sonar
    – running sonarqube
    – use chrome, log in sonarqube with admin, and modify the password, will get a 401 error. Modify permission will get the same error.

Hi @biwater and welcome to our community !

Could you please tell me if updating the password is working when :

  • No web context
  • On other web browsers

Julien Lancelot

Hi @julienlancelot ,

yes, I can change the password if no web context.
And I can change the password on the other web browsers with a web context, such as Firefox, IE.
It may be incompatible with Chrome.
Thank you.

Hi @biwater,

Thanks for reporting this. I can indeed confirm the issue. I’ve opened a ticket here. We will investigate further ASAP.

Hi @biwater,

I investigated the issue a bit further, and noticed something. Could you check your cookies? Do you see 2 XSRF-TOKEN cookies for your domain, one for / and one for /sonar?

If so, please remove all cookies for the domain where SonarQube is hosted, and try again. This can happen when you first use SonarQube without setting a web context, and then switch to using a web context afterwards. As long as the domain remains the same, and the cookies aren’t cleared, the value for the / path will take precedence over more specific paths (at least in Chrome and Firefox).

Please keep us posted on how that goes.

Hi @Wouter_Admiraal,

I have been able to use it today, and this problem will only happen when I just install the instance.

Great, thanks for the feedback.