We upgraded Sonarqube Community to version 10.3 and lost strings translation!

upgraded from 9.9.3 to version 10.3
Installed plugins
Dependency-Check INTEGRATION
Integrates Dependency-Check reports into SonarQube * 4.0.1installed

Analyze Java, Scala, Closure and JSP code with SpotBugs. 4.8.2 * 4.2.6installed

SonarQube CNES Report * 4.2.0installed
CNES app/plugin for SonarQube that allows users to export analysis reports as OpenXML, Markdown and CSV.

ZAP Plugin for SonarQube
Integrates ZAP reports into SonarQube * 2.3.0installed

Hey there.

Can you try uninstalling this plugin? I recall some reports that this plugin causes an issue in v10.x