VSTS extension should support user authentication

The VSTS extension to integrate SonarQube analysis into Azure DevOps build pipeline currently only accepts services of type SonarQube. This service type only accepts authentication using token.

Our selfhosted SonarQube server does not accept token based authentication. For security reason the server is covered by an apache proxy only accepting domain authentication at HTTP level.

This is why I would like to have one of the following options:

  • The extension should also accept generic service type where domain authentication (dedicated service account) seems to be configurable.
  • The SonarQube service should be configurable also with username and password/token

Hi Lukas,
Thank you for sharing your interest in SonarQube :slight_smile:
This sounds like a nice idea.
Let’s see if we can gather other other feedback from the community and we will see if we add this to our roadmap :wink: