Virus/Malware Detected in Temp Folder


I’ve just recieved a notification from our internal AntiVirus that TrendMicro has found a trojan in our “Temp” SonarQube directory.

We’re using version 8.9 (LTS) of SonarQube on a Windows 2016 Server. Could you please advise what happens in the temp directory and how it would be possible for the file below to be picked up as a trojan, or is this is likely to be a false positive?

The file in question that was quarantined is as follows;

C:\Program Files\SonarQube\SonarQube 8.9\temp\ce\1355962559078421201\2431762352208378041\source-4.txt



Hi Tom,

At a guess, it’s a false positive. But you should be good to delete it.


Hi @ganncamp,

Thank you for your response. We’ve gone ahead and deleted that file.