Using SSH key instead of personal access token for Bitbucket


I am trying to integrate the PR analysis with Bitbucket using a SSH Access Key instead of the personal access token.
Is this possible in any way or is the access token the only way to go?
Using SonarQube version 7.9.1.

Many thanks in advance


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I’ve moved this to ‘Suggest new features’ since that functionality isn’t currently available.


Hi @Julian_B and welcome to our community :slight_smile:
I’m very interested to understand your use case :

  • Are you talking about Bitbucket Cloud or Bitbucket Server?
  • Is there something that prevents you from using a PAT (security policy for example)?
  • How much this feature could help you? I mean, is it something you could not work without, or is it simply something that could ease your own daily routine?

Thank you.
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