Use licensed features only for certain projects


We currently use the free edition of SonarQube. We want to do pull request analysis on one of our projects and want to buy a developer license to cover that - and the lines of code amount will cover that project. What we want to avoid is having to run two separate sonarqube instances - one that is licensed and one that is not. Is it possible to tag certain projects as “licensed” so we can use the free features for some projects and the licensed features for others?


Hi Craig,

This is not possible - just to shed some light here for us to better understand your case, can I ask you:

  • What’s the total Lines of Code in your instance? And for the project you want to get PRs analysed for? I am sure you are aware of the fact that only the largest branch/PR of each project is counted towards the license.
  • Your other projects’ teams do not use pull requests nor repository branches?

Thanks, best regards,

Hi Daniel,

The total lines of code for the instance is close to 5 million, split over about 30 projects and growing.

We want to buy a license for 2 million to cover my project so we can start doing branch analysis etc. The other projects teams are not interested in PR analyis or dont have the budget for it.

Now, it seems I will need to spin up a dedicated instance of sonarqube server to host my project. Running multiple instances is something we want to avoid due to additional server and labor costs.