Upgrading to 8.5.1 fails multiple times

I have been running the community edition for a couple of years on C# and Java source code. My company know wants to upgrade for scanning C/C++ source code.

Postgres 9.6 database.
So we have been on CE version 7. upgrade to CE 7.9.4 without a problem. Then it failed to CE 8.5.1. Twice.

So I went from CE 7.9.4 => Dev 8.0 => Dev 8.5.1 failed
Next Dev 8.0 => Dev 8.1 => Dev 8.5.1 failed
So I decided to stay on version 8.1. Our database have 45 millions line of code. Our continuous integration builds was submitting results. Now we are moving the Development edition, the CI builds will be disable. Now, I have deleted all the projects to get below 1 million line of code to use the trial version develop.

Welcome to the community forum! What was the issue during the failed upgrade? Do you have any logs from that attempt?

The page just say the database upgrade failed. Do you know where I can find the details of the error?

Yes, you need to check the logs on the installation folder. If you require some help to understand the issue, please upload here a zip of the log folder entirely.

web.2020-10-31.log (30.8 KB)

Here is the log file for Developer edition 8.5.1.

The logs show that your database throws I/O errors, and that PostgreSQL is in recovery mode. So your issue is clearly on the database side.