Unreachable eclipse p2 during updates

Yesterday your p2 repository (https://eclipse-uc.sonarlint.org/) was unavailable (404) for a couple of hours. Since we deploy sonarlint via an Oomph setup, that causes errors for every developer trying to restart eclipse.

That happens regularly when there’s a sonarlint update. Is there anything you can do to streamline the release process?
https://eclipse-uc.sonarlint.org/ is a composite repository, so simply replacing the compositeContent and compositeMetadata files after the new version is published should be enough.

Hi @Julian_Honnen

We had a downtime on the p2 repository yesterday, but it was unrelated with the release that happened 2 days ago.

I’m really surprise to ear that, you are the first to report such issue.

Our release process is already doing what you suggest:

  1. deploy the new update site on https://binaries.sonarsource.com/SonarLint-for-Eclipse/releases/
  2. replace the 2 xml files of the composite update site
    So in theory there should be no downtime during the release process.

Don’t hesitate to report if you notice new downtime, but to me it has nothing to do with the releases.

That’s good to hear! We’ve seen these downtimes multiple times in the past and they seemed to coincide with new releases (not on every release though). But I may have judged that wrong (or only noticed the update after the downtime?).

I’ll definitively report future downtimes earlier.

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