Unit Test Coverage on PR

I have connected SonarCloud with Azure Dev/Opts Piplines and BitBucket. I have Unit Test Coverage and test results on our develop branch. Is it possible to do the same on a PR? Would would be a good way to accomplish this? This is for C#. I use Visual Studio to execute and do the unit test coverage analysis.

Hi @p97

This is defintely possible and should not deserve any specific configuration for that matter.

Can you share your pipeline configuration for both type of analysis ?


I am running the analysis with the following configuration:
Integrate with MSBuild

@mickaelcaro Any suggestions?

I checked in a coverage report:
"C:\src\spike\sonartest\TestResults\d56f9cd9-410a-4709-8ef9-805af4b91457\CharlesTeague_DESKTOP-5QAU2BT 2021-04-26 13_36_21.coverage"sonartest-ex.zip (3.6 MB)

Thanks. I would need a bit more than that.

Can you share a log, preferably in debug mode, of a successful coverage and an unsuccessful one please ?

Let me kow if you want to share them privately, i can PM you.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you helping. I will do one better and provide the entire example solution that I am working with.

The following is a zip of the entire solution, including the coverage report:

This shows that the tests run and passed on develop. It also shows the test coverage. But I am looking for the same on each develop pull request:

Hi @p97

Thanks for that, unfortunately, i’m not able to see the complete error in your screenshot, and the sources doesn’t help in that case.

If you go to the logs of your pipeline executions, you might be able to download them. Can you try to do that and send them to me ?

Thanks in advance.

We succeeded by setting the following in triggers in the Azure Pipelines:

  • Enable pull request validation
  • Enable continuous integration

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