Unclear messaging in Portfolio UI

Hi there :wave:

in SQ 10.4.1 i was asking myself: What is the intent of this red-framed WARNING?

How can i be guided

  • To ask more targeted followup-questions?
  • Whom should i ask?

I’d expect that not all projects and applications would be included in one portfolio (why would it be able to create multiple portf., then?)

And also i am kind of expecting that i might not have access to all projects and/or applications, too. :person_shrugging:

a) one String is worded with and, the other with and/or

After thinking about the meaning a bit longer, i am thinking to myself now:

"does this warning want to convey the message that concerning this currently displayed portfolio the logged in user does not have access to every contained project and/or application?



Hi @daniel,

Sorry for the super late response!

To answer your question, yes, this warning is trying to communicate that the current portfolio contains some projects/applications that you can’t see because you don’t have access to them. I agree that the warning could be more specific about which projects/applications it’s talking about. We can work on improving that.

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