Unable to use activity graph to visualize metric trends

I struggle a bit to visualize trends of our issue counts. Linear scale tends to be problematic when plotting graph with code smells and bugs at the same time. We tend to have a lot of code smell (legacy) but not that many bugs.

Also we increased amount of new development significantly which results in increased leak but I have no way of tracking this. I tried “lines to cover” plotting together with “bugs” but again the same problem… Lines to cover is vastly larger than number of bugs so I see no trends there.

I will probably plot one item at a time and then overlay the graphs but I was hoping that perhaps future versions could offer graphs with at least two Y axes or logarithmic scale would also help a bit.

Alternatively… any hints on extraction of data to say excel spreadsheet for visualization?


I’m sorry your having trouble with the default graphs. You know you can graph metrics one at a time by choosing ‘Custom’ in the dropdown, right? You might also find the api/measures/search_history web service useful for building your own graphs. You’ll find a link to on-board web service documentation in your SonarQube page footer.


thank you for pointing me to the service I will try to import data to spreadsheet for visualization.

Yes I know I can do custom graphs but I am not able to see anything in them because of the difference in the scale of some of the measures. Plotting something in hundreds of thousands alongside something in hundreds ends up in a graph which can not be used to demonstrate trend of the smaller item

Anyway, if you could add logarithmic scale for Y axes that would be great. I will experiment with the export to spreadsheet in the meantime