Unable to update binding data from {sonarQubeServer}

I was able to add new sonar qube server in eclipse successfully, but getting below error when updating the data.

Unable to update data from server '{sonarserver}'
INVALID HASH: File C:\Users\User\.sonarlint\plugins\_tmp\5149612765067894035.tmp was expected to have hash 556c6247bee4506df29d82eccc325307 but was copied with hash 1b6fd57cc98343d12233c5b3815f427b 

SonarQube serve version :7.7 hosted in linux
Sonarlint version:4.1

Hi @selvampgp

SonarLint is downloading analyzers from your SonarQube server. Analyzers are packaged as JAR files (~zip). It happens some corporate proxy are messing up the files. Are you using a proxy in your case?