Unable to see project in dashboard

We are in the process of migrating sonarqube projects from community edition to data center. I have a jenkins job configured to create this project on data center edition, however I’m facing this error.

"[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.sonarsource.scanner.maven:sonar-maven-plugin: (default-cli) on project administrative-service: Could not create Project with key: “macfin-admin-service”. A similar key already exists: “testing-sonar2”

What is the issue because I’m not able to view the project on the dashboard of data center edition. I’ve done different testing with no issues, but when moving to production we are seeing this and are unable to resolve it.


Welcome to the community!

I don’t understand using a Maven command in Jenkins explicitly to create projects when you could just do that automatically on first analysis. But let’s set that aside.

We have a built-in mechanism for that, called Project Move. It will allow you to transfer your project history from the Community Edition instance to your Data Center one.


P.S. As a Data Center Edition customer, you have access to our professional Support Engineers, who have actual SLAs… :smiley: