Unable to run Sonarqube docker container

I am unable to run the sonarqube docker container on linux server, before it was ran without any issues but when i tried updating the sonar its starting giving the below error.

2021.02.27 05:10:47 ERROR app[startup] Startup failed: Plugins can’t be loaded. See web logs for more information
2021.02.27 05:10:47 ERROR web[o.s.s.p.PlatformImpl] Web server startup failed: The following plugins are no longer compatible with this version of SonarQube: ‘scmgit’, ‘scmsvn’
2021.02.27 05:10:47 INFO web[o.s.s.a.EmbeddedTomcat] HTTP connector enabled on port 9000
2021.02.27 05:10:47 INFO web[o.s.p.ProcessEntryPoint] Hard stopping process

not sure what was the issues in this server because i can run the same docker image and configuration in another server without any issues.

Could you please someone advise me to fix this error and run the docker image.


Hello @prakashkushtagi and welcome to the community :wave:

you probably have old versions of these plugins in the extension directory. please note that these are bundled from version 8.5 of sonarqube (changelog) and do not need to be installed as plugins anymore.

I am installing 8.9.1 in a CentOS Docker Image. The image build completes. I then start the container in interactive mode. The extensions/plugins directory does indeed contain plugins for git and svn. I verified that neither plugin is present in the extracted 8.9.1 .zip. I read the 8.9 release notes. Those plugins are now bundled; why do they end up in the final installation? Is the solution to include logic in the Dockerfile to remove the offending .jar files?

Hi @leweri ,

if the plugins are in extensions/plugins in your docker build they are either :

  • mounted via a volume
  • added during your build

without any more information i can not tell you where they are coming from, just that if you are using our official images the folder should look like this:

bash-5.0# tree /opt/sonarqube/extensions/
├── downloads
├── jdbc-driver
│   └── oracle
│       └── README.txt
└── plugins
    └── README.txt

4 directories, 2 files

Hi @Tobias_Trabelsi,

Thanks for the explanation. It was the plugin, I think. I was running SQ 8.4.2. I think I messed up the setup. I was in the process of upgrading to 8.9.1. To get past the issue, I just deleted all the .jar files from exceptions/plugins. Unfortunately, due to schedule constraints, it was necessary to defer the upgrade and stay at 8.4.2. Now 8.4.2 is back and running, but under Administration > Languages, there are no languages listed under the “Select a language” dropdown. Can I download the language plugins from Marketplace? I need C/C++ and Java (for now).


Hi @leweri ,

you can install the language analyzers for the community edition via the marketplace (Java is included in the Community Edition). our commercial language analyzers are not available that way and need to be downloaded manual. for C/C++ that would mean that you download this jar into extensions/plugins and restart sonarqube.

Hi @Tobias_Trabelsi ,

Thank you. I am at https://sonarqubeserverhost.com/admin/marketplace. I have installed the language analyzers for everything I need, including C/C++. Thank you for the help.