Unable to make a Scan in the CI Pipeline


I want to develop a CI Pipeline in Gitlab. And what is CI without Code Quality and therefore Sonarqube? :slight_smile:

I added the Sonar-Scanner-Plugin and the required params but somehow I get the following error and have no idea what it want from me:

The .gitlab-ci.yaml file:

The pom.xml:

The used image of Sonarqube is sonarqube:8.4.1-community

Please let me know, if you need further informations & thank you for any help.

Hi @Maximilian and welcome to our community!

Your problem seems very similar to this one: https://github.com/SonarSource/sonar-dotnet/issues/2257 .

Can you run the analysis in verbose mode ( sonar.verbose property set to true) and report the version of the SonarC# plugin?