Unable to login after password reset - Sonarqub bitnami AMI installation

Hello community, I have installed Sonarqube on an EC2 instance using the Bitnami AMI and unable to login to the Sonarqube dashboard after reseting the password from the command line.

Sonarqube version - on Debian 10
Operating system - Linux/Unix, Debian 10

I can connect to the instance using session manager and ssh, I am able to see that the bitnami service is up and running, the login page does appear on the web browser but cannot login using the admin and new password. The prompt says authentication failed for the new password.

Any suggestions would be helpful on clean reset of the password.

Thanks and regards,


Please read our documentation on Reinstating Admin Access.


Hey Joe,

I did read this documentation prior to posting this issue. I am unable to login to postgresql as well. The update users command only works from within the database.

Please let me know if there is any other method to reset the admin password.



I was able to login to the postgre db using the default password. Now, I can execute the update users command without errors, but I am still unable to login to the dashboard using the credentials.

I’m not sure of your infrastructure or your SonarQube setup. Can you explain your usage of Bitnami AMI in a bit more detail?

One generic thing to check: you may need toggle enable/disable/enable your load balancer or traffic firewall, if you have anything that sits in front of SonarQube, e.g. enable/disable session on Azure Application Gateway, AWS ELB, AWS WAF, etc. Try resetting something in the path of your login to SonarQube.


Sonarqube is installed on an EC2 instance from the bitnami AMI. ELB directs external traffic to this instance. I did remove the instance from the LB and added it back, the health check returned as InService and I am able to access the Sonarqube dashboard.

I am trying a couple other things, but thanks for your suggestions.