Unable to get Sonar Scanner for MSBuild Pull Request Analysis working

Developer Edition
Offline Distribution

Sonar Scanner MSBuild:

Git Plugin:
Version: 1.8 (build 1574)

GitHub Authentication for SonarQube:
Version: 1.5 (build 870)

I am having issues getting Pull Request Analysis to work on my C# project using the SonarScanner for MSBuild. Ideally I would like to identify new issues that would be introduced and decorate the PR like I have done for another one of my projects (HTML, CSS, and Javascript only). I have a Jenkins job that will listen for Pull Requests and will launch a job when a new Pull Request is opened. I have tried both Freestyle Projects and Pipeline jobs to run the Analysis but haven’t had success with either of those avenues. Is Pull Request Analysis with the Sonar Scanner for MSBuild possible? If so is there an example of how this would be accomplished anywhere? If I have an example I will be able to figure out the Jenkins piece quite easily.


What does happen when this job runs?