Unable to find the projects for master and develop branches in search with project or repo name in Sonarqube 7.9.4

Unable to find the projects for master and develop branches while search with project or repo name in Sonarqube 7.9.4.
I am unable to find the master and develop branches especially but able to see the feature branches with project or repo name when i search.
This is happens my soanrqube version to 7.9.4.The previous version 7.6 is able to search the above functionality.
Could you please help on this?


Welcome to the community!

It’s not clear to me what steps you’re taking and what response you expect. Could you provide more details, please?


I have a project name called testdemo
it has 3 branches one is master,develop and feature_testdemo
For all the three branches we have sonar has scanned through bamboo and it exists in sonar
but when we are able to search “testdemo” its only getting feature_testdemo sonar only but i am unable to find testdemo_master and testdemo_develop


So you want to use the global search to find project branches?


Yes absoultely

Any update on this

Hi Hari,

Could it be that you were analyzing branches as separate projects?
I don’t remember we listed branches in the global search. I can confirm that currently we list only projects.


hello Chris,
I have a test project name or repo name as hari123
for that project i have 4 braches
when i am able to search globally by hari123(project name)
i am seeing only feature1 and feature 2 branches but unable to see master and develop after upgrade to 7.9.4 version.
when i am able to search normally i am able to see all the branches perfectly.This is happening with global search

Any update on this


It looks like to me that you were enjoying an unexpected behavior of your instance.
From the time the support for branches was added, branches were not supposed to be listed in the global search.

Just to be sure, are you using the Developer Edition of SonarQube?
Don’t you face some other inconsistencies in your search results? If it’s the case, you might have to rebuild the search indices.

If you are ok i can scheduled some time with you and explain my issue
fyi: i am using Community edition

SonarQube community edition doesn’t support branches. Are you analyzing branches as separate SonarQube projects?

Yes levis