Unable to exclude the rule javascript:S1854

Hi Team,

I am trying to exclude rule javascript:1845 for a few files, but when I try to save it, It gives saves it as jacascript:S1854

Is this a known issue?

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See your other tread, which I believe is exactly the same problem:

Thank u I was able to resolve this, after logging into the server.

@ Aanvekar001, How to resolve this issue? What changes have you done on server side?

Hi @Mangesha,

log into the server and access sonarqube in localhost:*** and try changing the rule it should work.


Thanks for details.
I have linux server for sonar, so I am not sure how to fix issue.
If possible please provide more details on the fix you mail, In other thread by you

you said you update few things at server side to solve the issue.

I am also facing same issue while opening rules in sonarqube. Please guide me.

@aanvekar001 , please check my above comment and provide your views.