Unable to compute new code on branch with mercurial plugin 1.2

I hava sonarqube developer edition and I run first analysis on branch dev and a second one on branch TEST_COVERAGE.

Here is my configuration on new code

on my branch analysis, I have this warning


and in logs

INFO] 09:01:57.401 Load New Code definition (done) | time=25ms
[INFO] 09:01:57.402 Computing New Code since fork with ‘dev’
[WARNING] 09:01:57.402 Failed to detect fork date. No New Code will be computed.
[DEBUG] 09:01:57.427 Getting relative path from SCM root is not supported by hg provider

What I am missing?

Please help


Welcome to the community!

Was theTEST_COVERAGE branch forked before your initial analysis of the develop/main branch?


Hello, no it was after


Okay, then this may be about your SCM integration. It looks like you’re using Mercurial, and IIRC they own that integration. Could you maybe ping them?