"Unable to build statement from token" error during analysis

I used the local test way to scan my location c++ code. when I installed the wrapper tools and run build-wrapper-win-x86-64.exe ,that is sucessful. And runing sonar-scanner.bat. that happen some wrong. please help me to solve it . thanks

and i have run -X , -Dsonar.verbose=true noting log in anywhere, sonarqube,and my location desk ,I din’t find it.

I found that I can scan the code of the previous version. When I run the updated local code, the current problem occurs

Hey there.

  • What SonarQube version are you using?
  • When you run with -X to produce DEBUG logs, it should indicate which file is causing the issue (the last file mentioned). In order to help, we would need to have access to this file.
14:04:01.254 INFO: CPD Executor 13 files had no CPD blocks
14:04:01.254 INFO: CPD Executor Calculating CPD for 20 files
14:04:01.255 DEBUG: Detection of duplications for /Users/colin/source/sonar-scanning-examples/sonarqube-scanner/src/pli/center.pli

Developer Edition version 9.3 Let me look for the file you said and search your last line of keywords on my I / O output?

In my I / O window, I can’t find the information you give。 only this

And what’s the very last line before it fails? If you’re outputting to a file, please make sure you’re sending stderr and stdout

hi, I have see this file if your need ? the full log
2022130new12.txt (847.3 KB)
: and the la1r1.java is :
lalr1.zip (9.8 KB)

I have done this problem, it’s cause by our code,the sonar scan something unknown code.