Ugh. Unhappy about Roadmap Portal Card Workflow

Hey there :wave: i was triggered to writing this by re-reading this thread:

I would like to suggest re-thinking how you sourceresses and sourcers might be able to enhance the (potential) customers user experience in the Roadmap Portal.

After this explanation i went to the Roadmap Portal and tried as Chris said in his last clarifying words.


  • i cannot just enter my email,
    • i also have to mandatory enter some text inside a textfield
    • i also have to mandatory decide about personal opinion about importance
  • i have to repeat that workflow for every portal card that might interest me
  • i counted the amount of “relevant” portal cards. (planned/under consid.)

I guess i am not saying “how high” when you say “jump”, but that is just my stance/opinion.

To be fair, there is value in that kind of Portal. I see that. Having 500+ ppl interested in dart/flutter analysis for example compared to 2 for smth else is “a signal”, ofc.

Making all info besides email optional would probably be the lowest hanging fruit :person_shrugging:

Do with this feedback as u like, i just did not want it to be not-said.



Hi @daniel,

We really appreciate your feedback on this. We don’t have a quick answer, but will look at this and see what is possible.

Thank you for taking the time to give this feedback.


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