Two projects with Reliability "C" and the same Quality Gate - one is green, and second is red

We have two projects with the same default Quality Gate, both have a few bugs, both have rate “C”.
But one is passed Quality Gate while second failed.

Hello Vitaly!
Does the quality gate apply to new code ? If that’s the case then we can’t see what’s making the project fail.
Also, going into the projects details should display the failing condition and explain why it is failing. This could help explain the difference between the two projects.

Gregoire, thank you for the prompt answer!
It seems the same:

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 15.38.49

into the projects details
Is there a way to get more details about contitions?

If you enter in your projects, you should find the reason why the Quality Gate failed, like on this open source project :

It should help you understand why the 1st project passed and the 2nd failed.


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Carine, thanks - now I see: the failed project fails on the coverage metric, and another project doesn’t have coverage info at all.
And just now I understood that quality gate uses “Conditions on New Code”. I was sure that for the master Sonar uses metrics for all code.

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 15.57.38