TSQL plug-in: filtering message specific issues

We are looking for filtering the message specific issues found using for TSQL -plug-in with rule “Deprecated features should not be used”.
We have more than 18k issues found with two different messages with the same rule as mentioned above.

Messages are:

  1. Remove this use of “table hint without WITH”
  2. Remove use of string literals as column aliases.

Now we want to know how many issues are with each of these two messages.
Could you please help us on how to filter these issues with specific messages?

Thanks ​

Hi Vish,

When you say “filtering” I have to ask whether you want to keep these issues from being raised, or whether you’re simply trying to filter on the issues page.

Either way, the answer starts with the same steps.

First, click on the ellipsis to the right of the message. That will open the rule description at the bottom of the window. Then look at the top-right corner of the rule description. You’ll see the rule repository and key there separated by a ‘:’. The rule key is the part to the right of the colon.

You can use it on the Rules page to search for the rules in question, and from the rule detail pages, you can remove the rules from your profile (assuming you’re not using a “Built-in” profile).

You can also use a rule’s key in the Rule facet of the issues page to narrow your issues list to issues just from that rule. Once you do that, the page will automatically give you a count of the issues from that rule.


Hi Ann-

Thanks for your quick response , actually I am trying to filter the issues on issue page. In TSQL plug-in we have the rule “Deprecated features should not be used” with rule key tsql:S4075

​This specific rules found ~18 k issues with our sonarqube analysis. Now when we look at the issues with this rule on issue page we can find two types of the messages :

  1. Remove this use of “String literals as column aliases”.​

​2. Remove this use of “Table hint without WITH”.​

​I am trying to get the count of issues found with each of these two messages.​ Hope this helps to understand the question but please let me know if you need additional details.

(So basically l, its filtering the issues by messages inside the rule)

Hi Vish,

Now I understand! Sorry, but that filtering isn’t available. If you had a smaller issue set, I’d say you could use the web services to pull all the issues and filter them outside SonaQube, but there’s a hard limit of 10k results on the web services. (If you want this very badly, then you might use the web services to iterate the request file by file…)


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Thanks Ann!

One more thing I just wanted bring up, when I am browsing these 18 k issues on the server in issues tab, above 10k , I am getting an error message “Can return only first 10000 results…”, I am using sonarqube Version 7.0 (build 36138)-LGPL v3-Community Edition.

So the hard core limit of 10 k issues is also applicable for browsing issues on the server as well?

Thanks again for all your help!

Hi Vish,

Yes, the UI uses these same web services (in fact, the web services were crafted to feed the UI), so the limit exists there as well.


Hi Ann-
So could you please suggest the option to see the issues beyond 10k? I am not able to see the file option in the filter criteria on issues tab like we have for version 6.1 for C# and JavaScript issues.

I can see only below filters in issue tab for sonarqube Version 7.0 :





Creation Date







So not sure how to see file by file issues for this one particular rule.


As I suggested earlier, you can iterate over component. Since you’re looking at the global Issues page, that would be by Project (surely no single project has more than 10k issues from this rule?). If you were at the project level, then that would be by file.


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Thanks you Ann!, I can see the file option in issue filter at project level now, it helps!

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