Trying to use Parasoft findings plugin with sonarqube enterprise but no results shown on sonarserver

What are you trying to accomplish?
Upload parasoft xml reports to sonarqube. Parasoft Findings for SonarQube - Parasoft Findings - Parasoft Documentation

What’s your specific coding challenge in developing your plugin?
Unable to view reports in sonar using external plugin from parasoft.

And, if relevant, please share the code that’s giving you problems:
-X${{ env.SONAR_SERVER_URL }} -Dsonar.login=${{ env.SONAR_TOKEN }} -Dsonar.projectName=${{ env.SONAR_PROJECT_NAME }} -Dsonar.projectKey=${{ env.SONAR_PROJECT_KEY }} -Dsonar.projectVersion=0.1.${{ github.run_number }} -Dsonar.parasoft.cpptest.reportPaths=sca_results/report.xml

Hey there.

I think you’ll have better luck getting in touch with parasoft support than posting on this forum.

I did but was re-directed here.