Trying to run Sonar-Qube and get a "failed with error code: 64"

  • xcodebuild clean build -project Binary file ‘(standard’ ‘input)’ matches -scheme Binary file ‘(standard’ ‘input)’ matches -destination ‘Binary file (standard input) matches’ -destination-timeout 360 COMPILER_INDEX_STORE_ENABLE=NO. failed with error code: 64

xcodebuild: error: option ‘Destination’ requires at least one parameter of the form ‘key=value’

Is the response I get. Any ideas?

Hey there.

I’m not sure what this has to do with SonarQube – it looks like you’re just trying to run xcodebuild and running into an issue. Am I missing something?

It is running via the “”. I figured that issue out, actually, it looks like there was some sort of strange character in the .properties file. I copied a copy from another dev’s machine and that error is gone now.

I am now getting:

ERROR - Command ‘slather coverage --binary-basename GC --input-format profdata -i .Tests. --cobertura-xml --output-directory sonar-reports --scheme GC GC.xcodeproj’ failed with error code: 127

I would suggest reaching out to the maintainer of that script at GitHub - Idean/sonar-swift: Open source Swift plugin for SonarQube (also supports Objective-C)

Great, thanks Colin, will do!