Troubleshooting No Unit Tests Coverage issue

SonarQube version:
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Version 5.6.6 - LGPL v3 - [Community]

DEI/Sonar PROD, ProductVersion:3.0.0


No Unit Tests Coverage Seen.

We have a multi-module setup and tried setting up, by following

We did observe a locally generated jacoco report. We also saw a “Failed” at the top right of the Sonarqube dashboard (although, the time stamp is old, which is another mystery). In any case, is there anywhere we can get the logs for further troubleshooting (parsing errors etc.) ?

Hello @srini,

SonarQube 5.6.6 is nearly 3 years old. I’d strongly suggest that if you’re just getting started, you install the latest 8.0 or 7.9 LTS edition available from our download page. If your 5.6.6 instance was already used and contains data you’d like to preserve, you can upgrade but will need to perform at least an intermediate upgrade to the 6.7.7 prior LTS release along the way.

Once you have a newer SonarQube installed, you can find a sample multi-module maven project that includes coverage in our sonar-scanning-examples repository.

Hope this helps!