Trouble analyzing CICS bundles on Eclipse. Projects have been bound to SonarQube server but no analysis is being conducted

SonarQube Community Edition v7.9.1
Sonar-Scanner v4.2.0.1873
Eclipse IDE for Enterprise Java Developers Version: 2019-09 R (4.13.0)

I have CICS projects that are bundled by the OSGi framework and I’d like to run SonarQube analysis on these projects so I can share the analysis reports to the dependant teams. The main issue is that the bundles are not built on Maven or Gradle which SonarQube is expecting. I’ve tried to bind the projects from Eclipse to our server which works because I can enter the token or User/Pass for the project on the server and find the right project key. I receive a dialogue complaining about connecting to the project if I deliberately enter the wrong key. Even though bindings are established, the server still says “Project is not analyzed yet.” Logs show no attempt to connect. Are there any other options I have to produce an analysis report for these bundles? Thanks.