Travis SonarCloud documentation update request


When you implement “Using SonarCloud with Travis CI” and you are a classic SonarQube user, you are tempted to deal with some properties relatives to “Branch Analysis” (ex: or “Pull Request Analysis” (ex: sonar.pullrequest.key).

And with Travis, it could be a little tricky if you want stay in .travis.yml without external script, because deal with antinomic “branch vs pull-request” properties is not trivial.

Finally, travis > addons > sonarcloud does it for you (So nice feature, I :heart: SonarXXX integrations), so any properties is useless … but you can spend a lot of time to understand that.

So at end of documentation (ex: Deprecated features), to explicit the fact that any / sonar.pullrequest.key properties are useless to define, it could be great :kissing_heart:.

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Pull request: #2038

Thanks @axel3rd for your contribution!

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