Timeout when analyzing go.mod containing private modules

In our company we store most code in private repos on Azure DevOps. When committing a changed go.mod, the pre-commit analysis hangs for quite a while on that file.

In general, to connect to the private repo, we use code like this:

RUN go env -w GOPRIVATE=dev.azure.com
RUN git config --global "url.https://${SYSTEM_ACCESSTOKEN}@dev.azure.com.insteadof" 'https://dev.azure.com'

How can we configure SonarLint to analyze our go.mod files? Reducing the timeout would also help.


  • OS: Mac OS X aarch64
  • IDE: GoLand 2024.1.1
  • SonarLint:

Hey there!

Can you pull out the logs and share them here?

Hey. Looking at the logs I noticed that the issue isn’t with SonarLint, but rather with GoLand itself. Thanks for the quick reply!

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