The sonar-scanner building fails on Travis CI for Node.js application

Hello everyone. :slight_smile:

I’m trying to get Sonar Qube working in Sonar Cloud via Travis CI for a Node.js application, and here is the relevant information. (Please do let me know if I’m not providing enough information, even if you don’t know how to help.):

.travis.yml file:

language: node_js
- 'lts/*'
- 'node'

dist: trusty

    organization: "sonarcloud" # the key of the org you chose at step #3
      secure: "*********" # encrypted value of your token
  # other script steps might be done before running the actual analysis
  - sonar-scanner -X file:


# this is the name and version displayed in the SonarCloud UI.
# Path is relative to the file. Replace "\" by "/" on Windows.
# This property is optional if sonar.modules is set. 
# Encoding of the source code. Default is default system encoding

Raw job log from Travis CI:

It seems that it’s not connecting to the server and that I should set sonar.login and sonar.password values, I’m guessing in, but I don’t know which values to put for those (since I used my GitHub account to log into Sonar Cloud), and I’m not sure there is more that I’d need to do after setting those values for the sonar-scanner utility to work.

If someone could help me figure out how to get this all to work, I would greatly appreciate it!

try to generate security token and put it as sonar.login (see